Monday, 23 March 2015

CSA Winter Box 2: Roasted Veg and an Extra Soup!

Just a quick one today as I'm excited to say I have finished up November's blog posts which means Christmas is coming!!  It only took until March a few months later to share my Christmas crafts, baking and gift projects.  Oh well, all in good time!  Watch out for a throwback to the holiday season with posts coming up this week.
Here's a quick round up of our December CSA Box 2 which included amazing mushrooms, a cabbage that my husband made boiled cabbage with (can I use nursing as an excuse not to eat too much of this?! :-S).  We didn't get around to using the beets until after Christmas but they were still good!  The more unusual items this month were the fingerling potatoes, and watermelon radishes.
By the time we picked up our December box, we also still had the acorn squash leftover from November but that was quickly used for a delicious acorn squash soup, that included roasted seeds as a garnish.  They were so good!
I had seen a recipe for squash soup in Chatelaine, and just with a couple of changes we used this recipe you can find the link to here.  It was just perfect for a Winter evening and so, seeing as this Canadian Winter is lingering way, way longer than we'd all like, I'm not TOO behind with sharing this one!

There's a first time for everything, and these CSA boxes are really pushing us to try new things.  And that's okay!  We're happy to be trying new flavours, to play around with new recipes and are excited that soon enough our little baby girl will be able to share in this exploration of healthy fruit and vegetables too :-)

Watermelon radishes, named this because of the colour and pattern of the inside of the radish are pretty cool.  Jonathan took charge with these and found a simple way to roast these from the Red Fire Farm website, which we were grateful for as we had never come across these before, let alone cooked with them!  Cut into wedges, and roasted in olive oil with a drizzle of maple syrup coated over them made them pretty tasty!!

More roasted veg to finish up with today.  Delicious, fresh, crunchy on the outside - soft on the inside, these potatoes really did make for a nice change.  Frozen oven chips don't make the cut after these :-P

I cooked these up, with little baby girl watching in the highchair, using a recipe from Food Network's Tyler Florence and it was a quick and simple recipe, that I actually changed a little just because of what I had in the fridge, or rather, what I didn't have in the fridge!  I used cloves of garlic, and fresh sage, but only dried rosemary and thyme as we didn't have any fresh.  I'm sure it made a difference on taste, but ours definitely weren't bad!

The only thing I'd change is to cut up these bigger potatoes into smaller sizes - the smaller potatoes, the crispier edges!!!!  There was a bit too much variety in my sizes of potatoes and how I cut them, which was a shame but there'll be a next time I'm sure.

I guess we got too hungry and I didn't take a photo of the cooked potatoes - sorry!  But they were nicely golden and crispy all around the edges, and super soft inside.  I'd definitely recommend them!
So that's our CSA Boxes 1 and 2 and the dinners we had adventures with. 
Lots more to come :-)


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