Sunday, 10 March 2013

♧ A Crafty St. Patrick's Day ♧

Happy March Break and pre-St. Patrick's Day everyone!!

I got a little crafty this week preparing for the new season of home decor and had a lot of fun making everything.

May I present, the second in my 'Pocket Sneaker' series - Lucky Pocket Sneakers (...I just made that name up, what do you all think!?)  Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, these shamrocks can be slipped somewhere special to wish somebody a little extra luck.  Maybe your little one has a test at school - send a little luck their way with a Lucky Pocket Sneaker in their lunchbox!! Or perhaps somebody is nervous to present a speech, or give a talk - how good would it feel if they found a little lucky charm in their pocket, or briefcase :-)

Similar to my Valentine's Day Heart Pocket Sneakers, they are felt, machine sewn and stuffed with polyester fill.  For the hearts I used a cookie cutter to make the shape, this time I used a foam shamrock I had bought for my other St. Patrick's Day project (...see below) and made it a little larger, just using the shamrock as a template and marking around it on the felt.  I used pinking shears to cut them out (just 6 this time as there was no game of hide and seek to play... not yet anyway!), sewed them together, stuffed and sewed shut.  And there you go, all done with lots of time for some St. Patrick's Day baking later this week.

My second crafty project for this season (and really, where would all of us crafty lovers be without holidays and seasons to make for?!) was some bunting to hang.  My 'Happy Birthday' banner I had made last year for Jonathan (see his 2012 birthday post here) had finally come down, only a month later so it was time to replace it!

I am super excited for how this turned out, and also how inexpensive it was to make!  A recent Walmart trip meant an excuse to pick up some green paint chips, pretending that our next wall would be coloured Emerald Green hehe... Last year I had seen this idea on Pinterest (where else of course!) and tried it for Spring bunting at Easter time (check it out here) so used the same scalloped punch to cut out all different shades.  A single hole punch cut out two holes at the top of each circle ready for the string.

Bunting displayed with original watercolours - painted by my
Granny who lives in Dublin, Ireland... how appropriate :-P
I decided against ribbon this time and thought I would try something different and got some Mason's twine, obviously because it was green and found some great foam shamrocks, both from the local Dollarama.  So, a total of $2.50 with countless metres of twine leftover - this was a very very cheap bunting project!!

For 10 feet of space I wanted to decorate, I used about 11 feet of twine, 28 circles of paint chip colours (so only around 15 paint chips, depending on the size of your punch of course) and 14 foam shamrocks.

Have a fantastic week getting crafty for St. Patrick's Day, especially if it's a week off work/school for you too.  I'm excited to get going on some crafty projects I've been saving up... oh and some tidying/sorting too... Less exciting.

Anyhow, enjoy!!  I'm looking forward to seeing all of your March projects too - leave me a comment and send me a link to your blog :-)


  1. So lovely project!Thanks for sharing!Would love to have you visit me sometime.
    Have a fabulous week!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  2. Hi Ana, thanks for coming by and checking these out and for sending me a link to your blog, always great to have new blogs to read :-)

  3. What a fun project! These are super cute. Thank you so much for sharing this project at Marvelous Mondays, Hannah!

    1. Hi Julie,

      Thanks for stopping by! It was great to see all of the links at your party, glad you could come and check mine out :-D

  4. Such cuteness! My grandmother used to often make little felt pieces like these and so this really gave me a smile.
    Hope you can stop by the enchanted oven.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      So glad you like them - and that's so sweet she used to make those, I love that they brought back this memory :-D

      I'll definitely check out the Enchanted Oven! Thanks for inviting me, and for stopping by here!

      Hannah ♫

  5. those are very cute! u are so good at making cute things!!!!!

    1. Thanks Mandy!! I love your blog too!! SO many amazing sewing projects :-D

  6. So cute - love the stuffed shamrocks :)
    Thanks for sharing your tutorial on Tutorial Thursdays Linky Party this month. Your Tutorial will be a feature on Wednesday 26th Ferbruary.
    I look forward to seeing you again in the next month's linky.
    Marigolds' Loft


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