Saturday, 8 March 2014

A very musical birthday ♫

Just a wee quick post from me today!  We're busy tidying and preparing our place for my parents who are visiting from across the pond and arriving Monday.  So this wont be a huge post, just a quick blog about a very musical birthday cake I created last week...

As I've mentioned before, in my other choir related posts (sewing accessories/ cakes and bunting), I sing with the Cantabile Chamber Singers in Toronto and at the end of February we celebrated my lovely friend and amazing choir conductor's birthday ... ACTUALLY on rehearsal day!  So committed!!  So although we were busy rehearsing music for our upcoming 'Bach and Beyond' concert at the end of March, we did have a delicious snack break with yummy cheeses, and also shared my red velvet music cake with everyone too!... And if that wasn't enough, a few of us also enjoyed a late night gelato after rehearsal :-)

I was lucky enough to have the Tuesday morning free to bake that day... so red velvet cake here I came.  As I have mentioned every time I bake red velvet - I use Joy of Baking's recipe every single time!  It is definitely tried and tested!  I follow it pretty much exactly, but usually make a buttercream for the filling, and in this case the frosting too instead of the cream cheese icing.

Having bought a new small music note cookie cutter on my last trip to St. Lawrence Market I had known for a few weeks that this would make an appearance on my friend's birthday cake!

Having baked a 'red' velvet cake, and made a white buttercream, it made a great contrast to have the black music notes as the fondant decorations.

I knew the birthday girl wasn't a huge fondant fan, and wouldn't want the cake to be 'overly' sweet, so I went with the buttercream for the filling and frosting and simply placed the 12 music notes circling the edge of the cake.
Leaving room for a set of candles in the middle, the cake was made and ready to go!  ... Then just to hoping it made the journey through a few piano student's homes (their dogs were VERY interested in my cake box and bag that day that's for sure!!!)... before safely arriving at the choir rehearsal!

There was a perfect amount for everybody, and we had a great cheese and cake feast mid-rehearsal :-)
A year ago to the weekend I wrote about some super fun crafting I did for St. Patrick's Day!  The holidays never get old, so read this post here!


  1. I was never a huge fan of fondant either! But this looks like to perfect amount, not too much and not too little!

  2. This is a very beautiful cake, and I must say - quite unique :)
    I've never seen such a "musical" cake - I LOVE it!!


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