Monday 24 February 2014

Worksheet Game for St. Patrick's Day!

Alright... Well there has been a whole lot of baking going on so far this year and not much else!  My sewing machine hasn't made an appearance (although I'm definitely going to rectify that in the next couple of weeks) and there hasn't even been much crafting, beyond a few handmade cards and a small Valentine project for Jonathan... So today, you will NOT be reading about cake!  (Sorry if that's your favourite part), but it's time for something a little different. 
This weekend I came up a new worksheet that I'll be using for my piano students during March in celebration of St. Patrick's Day. 
While I was making it, and thinking of how it would work during my piano lessons, I thought it would be great to keep it general - then anybody can use it!
Using PicMonkey for the first time in creating the full worksheet (and then using the image in word, before saving as a PDF!) I used lots of shamrock shapes, with a starting point and 10 small shamrocks before reaching the 'You Win' pot of gold at the end of the line of shamrocks.
My plan for that pot of gold is to have a chocolate coin to aim for! 

Keeping it simple and generic I just stated that you should 'Follow instructions and move along the shamrocks to make it to your pot of gold at the end of the game'... 
Whether instructions are being given by a piano teacher like me, another teacher or parent this worksheet game can be adapted to anything.
The PDF is on Google Drive, and anybody with THIS LINK can download and print it as you like (just print on 'Actual Size').  Click here to see it.  If you're looking for a lower colour option, then perhaps printing in 'draft' will save your printing costs :)
Like I say, the instructions my piano students will be following are musical ones - I have a few students taking RCM piano exams in April so lots of the instructions will be based on scales, chords, ear testing and sight reading etc in preparation for the technical side of their exam. 
For my beginning piano students we'll do some fun challenges - playing high/low.. performing a piece loudly or softly, playing their pentascales... And some other fun ways of playing.
In addition to the worksheet, I also created a List of Instructions to print and go along with the worksheet.  You can download this one here - just click THIS link!
With there being 10 small shamrocks, and then one final step to finally reach the pot of gold finish point I put a Bonus to Finish instruction as well, this might be something fun, or something my student has trouble with - or maybe the point where the student can play their favourite exam piece, or play their Irish piece of music we'll be learning in March ♫
I'm sure you'll be able to think of LOTS of ways to use this in your lives - whether as parents or as education providers, but here are a few idea I had so far...
Perhaps your child has a spelling test coming up... Can they spell 10 + bonus words correctly in studying for their test!?
Or are there some chores your little one needs some motivation with... Maybe there will be a bonus $1 gold coin waiting for them at the end of the list of Shamrock Chores?!
Have some fun with homework or learning... Follow instructions to gain a 'gold coin' or other reward that fits with your current reward system!
Any other ideas you come up with I'd love to know!!  Just leave me a comment telling me how you enjoyed playing this Shamrock game :-)
I'll post some more pictures of the game in use during my piano lessons as we get further into March and play on St. Patrick's Day ♧



  1. Awe! This is really cute. I know it would motivate my son to practice his piano.

  2. I love this idea! I pinned it and printed it out so I can do it for my son. thank you so much for sharing!

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