Sunday, 17 November 2013

Eggsterminate! Eggsterminate!

Saturday 23rd November is nearly here!  Which means a night in, watching the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who special!  I am so excited for this episode, bringing back past doctors, getting a little Billie Piper in my life again, as well as more adventures with our current favourites :)

In preparation for next Saturday's big episode (check out the trailer here and get excited!), I thought this would be a perfect time to blog a quick post about my Christmas present I made for my Dad last year.

A Doctor Who inspired TARDIS Egg Cosy!!

I decided to make the boys of my family each an egg cosy out of felt, and for my Dad, the correct choice was a TARDIS :)  He is a big Doctor Who fan and has been for like, well... forever... And he's the reason I love it so much as well, so thanks Dad!!

He really loved it!  And then our Christmas, spent with my family in England got even more Doctor Who-y when we took a trip to Sheffield and found this Dalek and TARDIS outside the City Hall in the Peace Gardens!  So cool :-D

So, pre-Christmas 2012 I started off with a quick template on paper to gauge the size of the egg cosy.  I had to make sure that once the sides of the felt were stitched together that the cosy would still go around an egg!  I used staples to just quickly check this out and then used this as an idea for sizing when I cut out the felt.
I used a dark navy blue shade of felt for the TARDIS general shape and got to work cutting 2 pieces of this out.  I worked on the front side first, adding the other shades of blue and white before stitching the two sides of the TARDIS together.  However, I did stitch a general outline for the window squares on the sewing machine.

I hand stitched the window frame for the top two windows, the door handles and also the
Police Public Call Box' sign on the top before hot glueing all the pieces down.

To finish everything off I stitched the two sides together and checked it still fit over an egg!!

All done and that was a handmade gift of 2012 already made, about to travel in time and space for the Christmas holidays!... As in, travelling 8 hours across the Atlantic Ocean in a plane only to arrive to a 5 hour difference in time zone :-P

These handmade gifts last year were before I even began blogging.  So while I've been crafting all my life, taking nice photos and writing step-by-step photo tutorials as I go hasn't always been in my thoughts!  These photos today show that... as in fact, I didn't take any photos (that I can find) of these gifts.. BOO!  So these are my Dad's he took for me after Christmas, when I started my blog in January and realised I should probably have them for a post one day....... and today's the day! 
Enjoy Doctor Who this weekend :) 
Let me know if you watched it and what you thought!


  1. I love ANYTHING dr who, (we are all a bit geeky and proud in our house)
    Is it just your Dad who's a fan? are you looking forward to "the day of the dr" next weekend?
    I've had exactly the same bloggy issue, loads of things I've made over the years and I never thought to photograph every step just inase I wanted to start a blog one day - what was I thinking!

  2. I Do not Sew...but I love my Hubs and I want to make Happy the Man who Loves EVERYTHING Dr. Who...oh goodness he is obsessed with everything Dr. lol he has been watching the show I think since before he was born, lol I have to make this for him! Thanks for sharing, it's Awesome!

  3. This is cool just because it's a tardis! I'm still trying to figure out what an egg cosy is though!

    1. Thanks so much Monica! Glad you like the tardis :D An egg cosy (or *cozy) is something to keep a boiled egg in an egg cup warm! Like a tea cosy for a teapot but egg sized!! Hope that helps!!

  4. That's the best egg cosy! We've been watching Dr Who specials on the Beeb all week (or should I say I've been sewing in the same room while my husband has watched them) and he's beside himself waiting for this weekend's viewing! :D

  5. How clever! I didn't really know what an egg cosy was either. Thanks for clearing that up :) Thank you for sharing it at What We Accomplished Wednesdays.

  6. This is amazing! I absolutely loved the 50th Anniversary episode. Back in September I made my daughter a Tardis cake for her 11th birthday. She was in heaven! LOL! Thanks so much for sharing!


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