Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentine's Day meringues ♥

After making a deal with Jonathan to only do savoury treats for Valentine's Day I went ahead and broke this deal.  Oops!  But after seeing these meringues in Rachel Ray's Every Day magazine I knew these were for him!

Apart from changing the sour cherries to maraschinos I made these to the recipe all for Jonathan!  So, in the end, he got the sweet and I got some delicious cheese, yum.

A little flatter than I had hoped.  Perhaps not stiff enough meringue mixture... But the taste was the same!

♥ Happy Valentine's Day ♥


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  2. Oh no! I just deleted this comment by accident - SO sorry! So great to have you here reading my post! And yes I agree, the sugary meringue with bonus cherry makes up for anything once you eat them :-D Thanks for stopping by!


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