Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas Stars and Dogs!

After my first Christmas away from home in 2011, this year it was time for my return back home to England for a rowdy family holiday!  Just as when I was a little girl, I volunteered the place names for our Christmas dinner!  14 people were coming, but that didn't stop me going all out with my new machine, a try at blanket stitch and some personalised embroidery on the stuffed felt ornaments!  Here's how they turned out...

My original Etsy photo
Trying out my new camera lens, getting as close as I can!!
Inspired by the Radley dog, here's my Christmas take on this!
Thanks for the display!.... This was before this one got a little wet with red wine :-S
I saw a few of these hanging on trees or cupboard doors in the days after Christmas, hopefully everybody gets to keep their own decoration for many more years!  Happy Christmas everyone!

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