Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Summer Piano Olympics ♫

What better way to celebrate London 2012 than by running my own Summer Piano Olympics for my summer students!  As well as working on our usual pieces of work they would each get a Summer Olympic pack with colouring pages and an Olympic notebook to start.

For each good thing they did over the Summer, some good practice, completed great homework or something else musically exceptional they got a star to stick on the runner page... of course understanding that there would be a prize at the end... just like any good Olympic competition!

A few of my favourite pages, including one that really got me laughing!!

After a really fun Summer of learning National Anthems from countries my students had a connection to, or had visited on vacation... really fun Summer homework activities and worksheets *** Many thanks to Susan Paradis' amazing website for these *** ...and lots of hard work and fun my students all got their prize!

A personal certificate, a music medal (necklace!) and a vanilla cupcake with Oreo butter cream for every lucky student!

Congratulations to all my students - well done for working so hard - I'm always so proud of you! ♫

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